Film Crew

Nigel Hartwell - Writer, Director, Executive Producer

After graduating film school in 1998, Nigel joined DGC in 1999 as both Locations PA and Assistant Director. Nigel made his first film "Insight of Evil" in 2003, released by The Asylum, and his second film in 2006 – "The Expedition", released by Brain Damage Films. Nigel has since started his own video production company in 2008, and joined NABET and IATSE as a Lighting Tech.

Michael Lind - Executive Producer, Assistant Director

Toronto Producer/Director Michael Lind grew up in Markham, Ontario and began his filmmaking at
the age of 13. After several years of working in Production, Michael was discovered
by LA based Momentum Films while shooting a spot in Toronto for Paramount Canada's Wonderland.
E.J. Forrester and Chris Wood's Executive Producer's offered Michael the chance to move to LA in 1993.
Michael drove to LA, and accepted an offer to work on True Lies Second Unit which E.J. and Chris
were Producing. Michael then found himself back in Toronto in the fall of 1993, honing his production set skills spending five years as an Equipment Manager with William F. White. In 1998 Michael Produced and Directed his first PSA on 35mm for the Urban Alliance on Race Relations. For the next few years Michael continued to produce short films on 35mm and work on various independent films and videos in Toronto. In 2005, Michael was a Producer and First Assistant Director on "WHO NEEDS TICKETS" a feature film which was short listed at the Canadian Film Centre. In 2009, Michael along with Lisa Spojaric developed a Reality TV series based on the lives of ex Major League Baseball Players. MLB Network said they may consider this concept in the future. In 2010, Michael will be First Assistant Director and Producing his next feature film titled "THE EPIDEMIC".

Michael Martin - VFX, Animation

Computer Graphics have come a long way in the last several years. Many productions have CG effects where you least expect them. Making present day sets look like the past, adding or removing CG elements to your "money shot" or making reality as abstract as you can imagine, visual effects are a large part of any multimedia experience. Using the latest software packages, Michael can create what you can dream of.